ASG Sri Lanka Co-chair Anslem de Silva, Nayana Pradeep Daundasekara and ASG member Suranjan Karunarathna have undertaken a big task of compiling and publishing four Annotated Bibliographies and a Checklist of the Herpetofauna of Sri Lanka. The first volume on Chelonians and Crocodiles of Sri Lanka was published last year (2021). 

Currently, their second volume AMPHIBIANS OF SRI LANKA (An annotated bibliography and a checklist of the herpetofauna of Sri Lanka) Volume 2, a hard cover book with 334 pages, 216 colour photos and ISBN 978-624-98484-2-9, will be launched on 15th December, 2022. This monograph is not only a bibliography of published papers on various aspects of the amphibians of Sri Lanka, but a treasure trove for herpetologists, wildlife researchers, wildlife managers, biologists and conservationists. This monograph consists of 10 chapters with one on the biographical accounts of the three pioneer workers on amphibians of Sri Lanka: Edward Fedrick Kelaart (18191860), William Ferguson (18201887) and Parakrama Kirtisinghe (19031981). The book also includes a chapter on Archaeological and Historical aspects of the amphibians of Sri Lanka, and brief accounts of locals and foreigners who have contributed to various aspects of amphibians of the country. This work constitutes a key introduction to the amphibians of Sri Lanka and includes brief accounts of all known amphibians of the country, with most illustrated with a colour photograph.
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