Membership of the ASG is attained through recommendation by a Regional or Thematic Working Group Chair, member of a Regional or Thematic secretariat, or one of the members of the ASG Secretariat. The nature of the recommendation informs the member’s scope, whether regionally-focused, thematically-focused, or both. 

The completion of both an online ASG application form and an online SSC form is required. An ASG member is by definition also an IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) member, but separate forms need to be completed for each entity to ensure that the relevant Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct are committed to, and to ensure both databases are accurate. Note that the duration of membership corresponds to the IUCN 4-year period (quadrennium) in question, i.e. 2021-2025 for the current period. Members must renew their membership for each IUCN period.

At the beginning of every new IUCN period each IUCN Commission, and thus Specialist Group, has to be reconstituted. On special occasions we may bring new members in the course of an IUCN period.  If you are interested in joining ASG in 2022 you can write to us by clicking here and letting us know who is recommending you for membership and how you would like to contribute to ASG (in order to start your membership in a proactive manner please read the ASG Strategic Plan, identify and state how you would like to contribute to the group). 

Thank you for your interest in the ASG! And for additional questions please contact us here.