The Future of the GAA

A new strategy has been developed building on the first two GAAs. Among the goals are improvements in efficiency to prevent delays to first-time assessments, and increased uptake of the assessment data into planning efforts and active conservation programs at national and regional levels.

Key points of the new strategy

  • Each GAA cycle will last for five years. The GAA3 will run from 2024-2028, and the GAA4 from 2029-2033.
  • Threatened species will be assessed each GAA cycle (5 years), and non-threatened species will be assessed at least every second GAA cycle (10 years).
  • Ideally new species will be assessed within two years of being described.
  • As much as possible, GAAs will collaborate with national and regional-level assessment processes, such as national red lists.
  • Global, regional and national partnerships will be established to facilitate the uptake of assessment data into local conservation efforts.

Become a partner!

The ARLA is looking to appoint partner organizations interested in five years or more of involvement in Global Amphibian Assessment initiatives.

For further details of the GAA3 and GAA4 Strategic Plan, or to explore becoming a regional or national implementing partner, contact ARLA Global Co-coordinator Janice Chanson jchanson[at]

To explore the opportunity of becoming a global partner, contact ARLA Global Co-Coordinator Jennifer Luedtke Swandby jluedtke[at]