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Call for Applications: 2021 Conservation...

Call for Applications: 2021 Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) Conservation Awards!

Do you know of any early-career conservationists who need funding to support their work conserving the natural world? The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is now accepting applications for 2021 Conservation Awards. Future Conservationist Awards are worth $15,000 each and support projects in low and middle income countries and some high income islands in the Caribbean […]

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Round robin for a...

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Round robin for amphibian pathogens

En Español abajo Dear colleagues in amphibian health,    As you know, researchers and diagnosticians around the world are running PCR tests looking for the presence of emerging amphibian pathogens, particularly those notifiable to the OIE. Standardization of methodologies is difficult, and it is even more difficult for laboratories to acquire a certification such as that granted by […]

Where there’s a will there’s a way: work

Where there’s a will there’s a way: working together for the conservation of Darwin’s Frogs

A paper published today in Oryx—The International Journal of Conservation outlines the development of a multi-participatory binational conservation strategy for Darwin’s frogs (Rhinoderma spp.), an initiative that was led by ASG’s Chile Regional Working Group. These two frog species, found in the temperate forests of Chile and Argentina, display an unusual behaviour not known in […]

World’s Largest Fully Aquatic Frog Faces

World’s Largest Fully Aquatic Frog Faces Uncertain Future as Threats Continue to Mount

Global Amphibian Experts Applaud Binational Efforts in Bolivia and Peru to Conserve the Titicaca Water Frog, and Urge Additional Support Global amphibian experts from the IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group, Global Wildlife Conservation, Amphibian Survival Alliance and Amphibian Ark, are calling on NGOs and the governments of Bolivia and Peru to continue and even bolster […]