The IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group can provide endorsement letters for grant applications. For National Geographic Society grants, please ask at least 14 days prior to the deadline and send a summary of the proposal. For all other requests that require a proposal revision please ask 30 days ahead of the deadline.

Amphibian conservation efforts are highly dependent on the ability to secure external sources of funding to support project work. In order to help individual ASG members identify foundations and organizations that support amphibian conservation, we have put together a short list of granting organizations below. Some of them change their priorities from year to year, so please make sure to check if amphibians and/or your region are currently contemplated. Please note that this list is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive, and that there will likely be many other opportunities that are not contemplated here. If you do know of any such opportunity and would like to see it in this list please let us know at asg[at]

For opportunities at the organizational and group level, please go to the ASA’s funding webpage. For other non-focal funding opportunities that can be used for amphibian conservation, please visit this page.

Source Website What it funds Maximum amount (in USD$)
Amphibian Ark Seed Grant for Amphibian Conservation Conservation of amphibian species that cannot currently be saved in the wild, with a focus on ex situ actions, and in partnership with appropriate field activities Up to 5,000 (dependent on the type of grant)
Chicago Zoological Society CBOT Endangered Species Fund Research and conservation of threatened species or habitat that is of high biological value 5,000
Conservation Leadership Programme Teams of early career conservationists 12,500
Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders Research, education, or conservation efforts focusing on salamanders 5,000
Future for Nature Early career conservationists focusing on conservation action for species ~57,000 (conversion from EUR)
IdeaWild Provides equipment, materials and supplies for research Provides equipment up to 1,500 worth
National Geographic Recovery of Species on the Brink of Extinction Implementation of priorities explicitly identified in species conservation plans Up to 50,000; average of 30,000
People’s Trust for Endangered Species Conservation of a Critically Endangered or Endangered species anywhere in the world Up to ~13,000/year for up to ~26,000 total (conversion from GBP)
Rufford Small Grants for Nature Nature/biodiversity conservation projects in developing countries ~6,500 (conversion from GBP)
Sea World & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Species research, habitat protection, conservation education, animal rescue & rehabilitation 25,000
Stiftung Artenschutz – Amphibian Conservation Fund Financial support, technical consultancy and administrative assistance for conservation projects on highly threatened species Unspecified
The Alongside Wildlife Foundation Helps fund projects that are important but overlooked by most funding agencies and organizations Unspecified, but it is a small grants program
The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Targeted grants for conservation initiatives on individual species 25,000
US Fish & Wildlife International wildlife conservation projects with specific geographic or thematic focus Up to 100,000/year for a maximum of two years
Whitley Fund for Nature Provides funding, training and recognition for local conservation leaders working in resource-poor but biodiversity-rich countries ~51,000 (conversion from GBP)
Zoological Society of London EDGE Program Early career conservationists working on poorly known EDGE species ~13,000 (conversion from GBP)