Compiled by the late Professor Phil Bishop, Co-Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Amphibian Specialist Group, and the Chief Scientist of the Amphibian Survival Alliance, Croak is a collection of delightful quotes and gorgeous photographs celebrating the underappreciated beauty of amphibians.

The stunning, colourful images were either taken by Phil on his travels around the world or collected from his fellow members of the amphibian conservation community. Each page showcases frogs in their natural habitats, paired with quotes from famous faces such as Cameron Diaz and John Steinbeck as well as historical figures and members of the amphibian conservation community.

Simultaneously amusing and illuminating, this perfect coffee table book is a celebration of one of the most varied and vibrant groups of species on earth, and a tribute to Phil’s life spent at the forefront of conservation as he sought to deepen our understanding of our amphibian friends.

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If you wish, you can also make a donation to support the maintenance of The Halliday-Bishop Conservation Library, a bibliographic archive of important amphibian conservation resources which Phil took under his wing after the passing of Professor Tim Halliday.

Thank you for supporting Phil’s work!