We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ASG Webinar Series, a new initiative designed to bring together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss amphibian conservation. This exciting program will cover a variety of topics including recent research findings, conservation efforts, and outreach initiatives.

Meet Your Webinar Officers:

  • Dasi Ong (Malaysia):

Contact for speakers from Asia & Oceania; ong.dasi3 [a] amphibians.org

  • Maria Jose Chang (Guatemala):

Contact for speakers from the Americas and the Caribbean; mchang [a] amphibians.org

  • Steven Allain (UK):

Contact for speakers from Europe; sallain [a] amphibians.org

  • We are looking for another officer for Africa!

Our webinar series aims to create a platform where experts can share their work and collaborate on innovative solutions for amphibian conservation. We are always looking for new voices to join our discussions. If you are interested in presenting your work or recommending a colleague, please get in touch with our Webinar Officers. Our previous webinars are available on our YouTube Channel!

Register for the Webinar Series & Share Your Knowledge: Registration Link

Stay tuned for more exciting webinars featuring experts from around the world discussing a variety of amphibian conservation topics.