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Job Opening: Amphibian Ark Executive Dir

Job Opening: Amphibian Ark Executive Director

Reports to: CPSG/GCN (Global Conservation Network) The Amphibian Ark (AArk) was created in 2006 from a joint effort of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the IUCN/SSC Conservation Planning Specialist Group, and the IUCN/SSC Amphibian Specialist Group to develop short-term ex situ assurance programs for amphibian species for which adequate protection in the wild […]

Volunteer with the ASG and help support ...

Volunteer with the ASG and help support global amphibian conservation!

The ASG is looking for a volunteer Regional and Membership Officer to help support and coordinate its activities. For more details please download the description from this link. We will be taking applications until 18 November 2022. If interested please send an email to asg[at] with “Regional and Membership Officer” in the subject line. Please include the name and […]

A New Approach for Japanese Giant Salama...

A New Approach for Japanese Giant Salamander Conservation

By Richard Pearce, Sustainable Daisen – Japan The Sustainable Daisen Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) recently brought local people, university students and volunteers from the US Military together to take direct conservation action to help the Japanese giant salamander (JGS, Andrias japonicus) in a unique and important habitat.  After several months of hard work and frustration, Sustainable Daisen […]