The open access textbook Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa by John W. Wilson and Richard Primack is now available freely  to read and download.

Written specifically for readers in Africa, this work comprehensively explores the challenges and potential solutions to key conservation issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. This easy to read, lucid and accessible textbook includes fifteen chapters that introduce readers to a full range of conservation topics, including threats to biodiversity, environmental laws, and protected areas management, as well as related topics such as sustainability, poverty, and human-wildlife conflict. The textbook also includes background discussion about what conservation biology is, a wide range of theoretical approaches to the subject, and concrete examples of conservation practice in specific African contexts. Strategies are outlined to protect biodiversity whilst promoting economic development in the region.

Boxes covering specific themes written by scientists who live and work throughout the region are included in each chapter, together with recommended readings, suggested discussion topics and an extensive bibliography.

Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa provides the most up-to-date study in the field. This book is an essential resource for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for professionals and policy makers working to stop the rapid loss of biodiversity in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. The PDF, HTML, and XML editions are freely available for download, with EPUB, MOBI, paperback and hardback editions also available, from the book’s homepage.

This textbook also includes the following additional resources:

·         Individual images and chapters: You will be able to download individual chapters and images here.

·         Teaching resources: We will soon be launching a teaching platform on which you will be able to share your notes, lesson plans and presentations with other teachers and academics in the field of conservation biology. If you are interested in uploading your teaching material to this platform, you can do so here. Please, notify John W. Wilson here after uploading your content.

·         Discussion forum: You can now report updates, corrections or add your comments by joining the discussion forum for ‘Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa’ here.

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