We at ASG are currently working on updating the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (ACAP). We envision this new updated version to comprise of two products:

A status review, summarizing key developments in each theme over the past 15 years, identifying gaps and priorities for the next ten years


A practitioner-oriented document fed by the status review that identified in a clear and user-friendly way actionable priorities on-the ground.

Coordination of the ACAP update is being led by ASG Program Officers Sally Wren and Ruth Marcec-Greaves with support from the ASG Secretariat.

Since the digital publication of ACAP in 2015 and with its current update process there have been several changes to the ASG Thematic Working Groups. The Working Groups and their leadership are now as follows:

Habitat Protection & Management – Jeanne Tarrant and Nicolás Urbina-Cardona

Climate Change – Guin Wogan and David Bickford

Infectious Diseases – Molly Bletz and Brian Gratwicke

Overharvesting & Trade – Jonathan Kolby

Ecotoxicology – Jessica Hua and Michelle Boone

Conservation Breeding – Ben Tapley and Kevin Johnson

Reintroductions – Jen Germano and Gemma Harding

Genomics – Lauren O’Connell

Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Gamete Biobanking (formerly Biobanking) – Gina Della Togna and Natalie Calatayud

Species Conservation Planning – Anne Baker and Sally Wren

Surveys & Monitoring – Justin Nowakowski, Jessica Deichmann and Grant Connette

Communications & Education – Candace Hansen and Andrés Valenzuela-Sánchez

We are extremely thankful to these leaders for spearheading the development of the new ACAP!