When I was 8 years old, I started working with frogs and the environment. I had always loved amphibians and nature, but it wasn’t until this time that I started taking herpetology and citizen science classes. I learned that not only are frogs really cute, but they are also a very important part of the natural world. They are known as an indicator species. Their skin is permeable (kind of like a sponge) and that means things like water (and whatever is in that water or the environment) goes through their skin easily.

If their homes are healthy, then the frogs are healthy. If their homes are unhealthy, the frogs start to disappear or die out, and that means problems for other living things too.

Unfortunately, frogs and other amphibians are disappearing faster than normal. However, there are many ways we can all help them. That’s great news, because when we save amphibians, we save the environment too! Saving the environment can be a lot of fun – just keep reading to see how you can use chopsticks, take pictures, make art, dissect frogs (yes, dissect!) and even croak loudly like a frog…all to help save amphibians!

What is the biggest amphibian in the world? What is herpetology? What are amphibians doing in a children’s pop music CD? How can YOU be in an amphibian card game? You will learn more about all of these thing right here in FrogLog Jr.

I would love to hear from you. You can always find me by visiting my organization website or Facebook page. Just remember to get an adults’ permission first!

For now, get comfy and get ready to learn a whole LOT about some of the coolest creatures on Earth!

Peace & love,

Avalon Theisen

What’s inside?


4 Amphibian Fun Facts

9 What Is Herpetology?

11 Amazon Milk Frog

12 How The Vampire Flying Frog Got Its Name

14 A Pond Without Fish Is What Some Frogs Wish


16 Schools Leap Into Action For Frogs

18 The Greenies Club

20 Memories Of A Youth Activist

22 Meet 50 Young Changemakers Like Avalon!

23 Call For Nominations 24 Leap Day 2014


25 1…2…3…Croak Like A Frog!

27 Chopsticks for Salamanders

29 Help Grow Healthy Habitats

30 Save the Frogs

31 Spring Migration: A Salamanders Perspective And How Kids Can Help

33 Learn 3 Easy Ways To Discover Wildlife


35 I Only Have Eyes For You

36 Photography Tips: How To Shoot Em’ In the Field


40 Your Poems

42 Make Your Own Frog Mask


44 Conservation At The Jacksonville Zoo And Gardens

46 Conserving Costa Rica’s Amazing Amphibians


48 Pursuing Amphibian Conservation Through Virtual Dissection

50 Where Have All The Frog Watchers Gone?

51 Treefrog Logs

52 What Is In Your Water? Amphibian Activity For Kids

53 Book Review: Pachas Pajamas

55 Amphibians As Pets

57 Online Resources For Educators And Kids

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