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News from the ASG

  • The Amphibian Survival Alliance
  • ASG International Seed Grant Winners 2011
  • Lost Frog found!
  • Five Years of Habitat Protection for Amphibians

Regional Update

  • News from Regional Groups
  • Kihansi Spray Toad Re-introduction Guidelines
  • Biogeography of West African amphibian assemblages
  • The green heart of Africa is a blind spot in herpetology
  • Amphibians as indicators for the restoration of degraded tropical forests
  • Life-bearing toads on amisty mountain
  • Unravelling the mysteries of Lake Oku, where the frog is “Fon” (king)
  • Adaptation or extinction – anurans along altitudinal and degradation gradients in southwestern Cameroon
  • Re-Visiting the Frogs and Toads of Zimbabwe
  • Amatola Toad AWOL: Thirteen years of futile searches
  • Atypical breeding patterns observed in the Okavango Delta
  • Eight years of Giant Bullfrog research revealed
  • Struggling against domestic exotics at the southern end of Africa
  • Monitoring of the endangered Hewitt’s ghost frog
  • Frog Monitoring in the Western Cape
  • Madagascar and Chytrid news
  • Association Mitsinjo: Captive breeding program
  • Overview of the implementation of Sahonagasy Action plan
  • Species Conservation Strategy for the Golden Mantella
  • Ankaratra massif
  • Brief note on the most threatened Amphibian species from Madagascar
  • Fohisokina project: Implementation of Mantella cowani action plan

Global News

  • Discovering Ecuador’s five-hundredth Amphibian
  • Abc Taxa as a highway to the build-up of taxonomic capacity
  • Cheery, the true adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard frog
  • Costal sand-dune habitats, frog-bromeliad relationship and conservation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Invasive plants and amphibians: a cryptic connection
  • Global Amphibian BioBlitz
  • Planning Amphibian Conservation in Mexico
  • ARMI (Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative): Founded Locally; Engaging Globally
  • Recent Publications
  • Meetings
  • Internships & Jobs
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Author Instructions