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VOL 96 MAY 2011


News from the ASG

  • Your ASG questions answered
  • Haiti: An unlikely haven for amphibians

Regional Update

  • News from Regional Groups
  • Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessment Workshop for the Caribbean
  • IUCN Red List Assessment workshop for Amphibians of Jamaica and Hispaniola
  • New Hope for Dominican Frogs: PROYECTO RANA RD
  • Puerto Rico: An island rich in amphibians subject to many threats
  • A new guide to the identification of Cuban frogs and toads
  • Protecting the Cuban Long Nosed Toad
  • Results of the Cuban amphibians Red List Assessment
  • Anthropogenic Noise: Yet Another Fight for Frogs?
  • Guatemalan Salamander Diversity
  • Climbing for Chytrid: An Aerial Pursuit for Answers in Honduras
  • Searching for lost frogs of the Craugastor rugulosus group: Understanding their disappearance and assessing their current population status
  • Forensic Taxonomy and the “new fossils” in Amphibian Biology
  • Scaling a Global Plan into National Strategies for Amphibian Conservation

Global News

  • A call to amphibian biologists to share innovative ideas to minimize loss of species under climate change
  • Complete management scheme of populations: the usage of physiological indicators to assess the impact of habitat availability and fragmentation
  • Taruga, a new tree-frog genus endemic to Sri Lanka
  • The Establishment of a Global Ranavirus Reporting System
  • The smell of success: choice of larval rearing sites by means of chemical cues in a Peruvian poison frog
  • Conserving amphibian communities in urban landscapes
  • ARMI Awards
  • Recent Publications
  • Meetings
  • Internships & Jobs
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Author Instructions