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Dear FrogLoggers,

With the Year of the Salamander well underway, I have come to realize that the ways people work to protect amphibians are just as unique and fascinating as the very species that are the focus of their efforts. And this is true for all amphibians and not just salamanders. The many different ways in which organizations and individuals go about saving amphibians never ceases to amaze me and leads me to believe that almost anything is possible despite the daunting odds.

As you begin to flip through the pages of this edition of FrogLog, you will see that amphibians and their habitats can be saved through novel partnerships and by working together with government, NGOs, industries and landowners alike. They can also be saved through the development and implementation of conservation action plans and by teams of individuals carrying out extensive monitoring and surveying.

And while data themselves might not be sexy to most people, keeping amphibian extinction risk assessments updated can also save amphibians. How? Because realities on the ground are constantly changing, and extinctions can be averted if the species that are more at risk are quickly identified as such and conservation action is targeted in an efficient and timely manner.

But there are also simple actions featured in these pages that each of us can do everyday to make a difference.

What if the cup of coffee you may be reaching for while you read this was frog friendly and carried a message of hope for Endangered and Critically Endangered amphibians in Colombia?

What if a simple animal escape device in backyard pools could prevent an untold number of unnecessary frog, toad and salamander deaths?

What if data collected from puddles in the form of ephemeral pools in your own neighbourhood could contribute to the conservation of critical habitats?

And if these stories are still not inspiring enough, when you are done reading FrogLog, don’t forget to download your free copy of “The Amphibians.” This visually stunning new eBook is a celebration of the diversity of amphibians in The Americas and around the world that has been brought to you through a creative collaboration between the Amphibian Survival Alliance and Meet Your Neighbours. You will quickly find yourself renewing your passion to protect even the most common of amphibians.

Candace M Hansen


3 Editorial


4 The Frog Next Door: Amphibian Portraits from Around the World
5 Report on ASG Peru Activities 2013-February 2014
6 Report on Amphibian Red List Authority Activities 2013-March 2014
7 Earth Day 2014: Protecting Herpetofauna Habitat in the Peruvian Amazon
9 Challenges and Opportunities in Salamander Conservation
12 Saving Salamanders; Approaches as Diverse as the Animals Themselves
16 Building National Capacity in Ex-situ Amphibian Management
18 So in India, even Frogs like Spice in their food!
19 Pura Vida Bracelets and Amphibian Survival Alliance Design a Future for Amphibians
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23 Brake for Wildlife
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43 Peru’s National Park Protects 156 Species of Amphibians From the Andes to the Amazon
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50 Frog Friendly Coffee, an Alternative for the Conservation of Threatened Amphibians in Colombia
53 Conservation of Lake Lerma Salamander
54 Two Central Texas Salamanders get Endangered Species Act Protection
56 Preserving the Endangered Marsupial Frogs of the Genus Gastrotheca in Argentina
60 Amphibian Taxonomy and Conservation in Panama and Bolivia
63 Destruction of Type Locality, New Records and Distribution of Melanophryniscus cupreuscapularis
66 Golden Frog Conservation Workshop
67 First Record of Amphibians in Walter Thilo Deininger Protected Natural Area in El Salvador
70 Dia del Coqui: Celebrating Puerto Rico’s Unique Amphibians
72 A Search for Rare and Ancient Plants
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