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Welcome to the first quarterly edition of FrogLog. As ever, this edition is packed full of news from the ASG and broad community concerned with amphibian conservation. Highlights from this edition include the announcement of a new partnership between the ASG and the International Society for the Study and Conservation of the Amphibians, updates from the Amphibian Survival Alliance, including a summary of events from this year’s Herp Congress and the IUCN World Congress. We are also very excited to announce the 2012 Sabin Award winner and provide an update on the Metamorphosis campaign that has recently won a prestigious international photography award.

As usual we have tried to highlight some potential partnerships and opportunities that readers might want to become involved in. These include the BIOFRAG Index, a new metric that can quantify the net biological impact of forest fragmentation on biodiversity at the levels of individual species and ecological communities and a call from Helen Meredith who is currently conducting a survey to assess what people view as success in amphibian conservation.

The edition focuses on Asia, Russia and Oceania with articles provided from China, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia and two recent publications from Borneo. The articles in this edition complement those published last year well with many new contributions from regions previously not highlighted in FrogLog.

Finally, we would like to welcome on board a new member to the FrogLogeditorial team. Candace M. Hansen from the Sticky Tongue Project will be bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in both amphibian conservation and communication, which is fantastic timing with the January edition of FrogLog focusing specifically on education initiatives related to amphibian conservation.

News from the ASG

4 Karen Lips Winner of the 2012 Sabin Award for Amphibian Conservation

5 Metamorphosis

6 A Joint Collaboration between the ASG and ISSCA

6 ASA News

9 Amphibian Academy

10 BIOFRAG – Call for Datasets to Test New Biodiversity Change Metric

11 The Herpetologists’ League EE Williams Research Grant

12 What is Success in Amphibian Conservation?

13 Conservation Leadership Programme – Call for Applications

14 Amphibian Declines Teaching Module Spanish-language Version Available for Free Download

14 New Field Guide – Anfíbios

15 Striving to Contribute to Salamander Conservation

16 FrogLog Archive Online

Regional Updates

18 Decreased Triturus cristatus Breeding Site Number as a Consequence of Perccottus glenii Range Expansion

19 Endemic and Rare Amphibians of Hainan Island, China

21 Amphibian Research and Conservation in Vietnam

24 Integration of Species Distribution Modeling with In Situ Research for the Conservation of the Endemic Vietnamese Crocodile Newt (Tylototriton vietnamensis)

26 Restarting Amphibian Studies in Southern Vietnam

28 Overview of Current Research on Amphibian Ecology and Conservation of the Amphibian and Reptile Ecology Laboratory, Kasetsart University, Thailand

30 Toxic Effects of Pesticides: Empirical Trials Provide some Indication of the Imminent Threats to Amphibians

32 A Brief Note on the Extensive Inter-state Trade in Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus formerly Rana tigrina) Between the Nagaland and Assam States in North-East India

34 Pictorial Guide to Frogs and Toads of the Western Ghats

36 Busy Year for the Korean Amphibian Specialist Group

38 Climate Change Research in the Philippine Biodiversity Hotspot

40 Amphibian Conservation in the Philippines

44 Decreasing Population Size of the Philippine Limestone Frog, Platymantis insulatus

46 The Status of Philippine Caecilians (Amphibia: Ichthyophiidae)

48 Detecting the Distribution of the Chytrid Fungus in the Philippines

50 Peninsular Malaysia Revealed

54 Conservation of Amphibians in Borneo: Relative Value of Secondary Tropical Forest and Non-Forest Habitats

55 The Conservation Breeding of Two Foot-Flagging Frog Species from Borneo, Staurois Parvus and Staurois Guttatus