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Dear friends,

It is with great sadness that we are sharing this message with you. Our friend, colleague and mentor, Professor Phil Bishop, passed away after a short and unexpected illness surrounded by family on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021.
Phil was a true great and such a bright light in all our lives. Our collective hearts break for Phil’s family, all his friends and an entire conservation community. He touched so many lives and meant so much to all of us.
Phil was at the very heart of building a global amphibian conservation movement, and he ensured that this heart was a kind and inclusive one.
As Chief Scientist of the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) since 2011 and Co-Chair of the Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) since 2012, he was in his element when representing ASA and ASG around the world, welcoming new people, organizations and ideas to both. Phil was a living incarnation of selflessness and generosity, always willing to help and support anyone, even if he himself was up to his eyeballs in work, and all done with his characteristic brilliance and distinctive sense of humour. No challenge was too great and no concern too small. He brought his tenacity and deep love of amphibians to everything he did, reminding us all of the true meaning behind our work. It seems impossible to imagine a time without him, and yet the imprint of his expertise, dedication and personality is on everything we do. The number of people that Phil befriended and influenced became apparent over the last few weeks, with an outpouring of messages of grief and love from literally every corner of the world. The magnitude of his influence ensures that we will always be acting in his memory, honouring his passion and approach at every step. We will miss him beyond words, and will strive to continue his mission. Our gratitude as a community is boundless. So many of us will carry his memory and the flame of his torch throughout our lives, and endeavour to pass it on, just as he did.
Phil lived his life with intense purpose. As amphibian conservationists and as people we have our work cut out to continue the legacy of the extraordinary human being that Phil was. As Phil always used to say, “Let’s do it!”
Thank you, Phil, for showing us, by example, how to be better people. You exemplified living life to the fullest and leaving the world a much better place.
The FrogLog Editorial Board has decided that the next edition of FrogLog will be a special edition and a tribute to Phil. That edition will also include a memorial book of sorts where members of the community will be invited to share their memories of Phil, or what Phil meant to them. We will keep the community posted through both the ASA and ASG websites and social media platforms on how to submit your contributions.
There is a hole in our hearts. It is in the shape of Phil.


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